How To Make Your Own Email Address On Your Own Domain Name

Once your site is live, here is how to make your own email address. This example assumes you have Cpanel, but even if you don’t, your web hosting company will have instructions on what to do from their control panel or admin area. For example, 1&1 doesn’t use Cpanel, but once you click on the email admin area, the basics to make your own email address are pretty much the same.

First, log into your cpanel, control panel or admin area using the user name and password provided by your hosting account. Select the email admin button. For Cpanel that’s the “Email Accounts” icon. That should bring you to a form where you will define your new personal email address.

In the first block, type in the name you want to appear. If your domain name was, and you wanted your email address to be, just enter Admin (or Bob, Sue, contact, info, sales, etc.) in that first block, enter a password in the section for that, confirm it by typing it in again and click on the create account button. If you don’t have Cpanel, the form will be slightly different, but the information you need to enter will be the same.

Once you defined your address, Cpanel allows you to set just how large you will let it get. That’s called the quota, and unless you plan to send a tremendous amount of video, photos or save large files in your account, the default setting will probably be just fine.

The make your own email part is done now, but to read, send and generally access your account, go back to the Cpanel home screen (or your host’s email control panel area) and look for an email access icon. For Cpanel, that’s the “Webmail” button. Press it and you will have 3 choices for reading mail.

Web hosting companies that have a different admin area may only have one way to view your mail, so they may send you directly to the account area. That’s ok … for the rest, you will get a choice of Horde, Squirrelmail or Roundcube. I prefer Roundcube, but it doesn’t really matter which you choose. They are all very basic services without much flare, so just pick the one you like, select it and head on over to your inbox.

You can make your own email address anything you like, and you can set your account up to have as many addresses as you want, at least up to the memory limit your hosting account allowed you on sign up. It’s a good idea to send an email to one of your other addresses to make sure that works, then reply to that email on your old account to make sure your new inbox functions properly as well. That’s it! You now have your own personal email account. Create some addresses for your friends if you like and you’re good to go!

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