Make My Own Website

Where to Begin
Make my own website. Sounds good – right? Unfortunately, many individuals never even start. They simply decide it is all too complicated. All too ‘techy’ and quite intimidating, regardless of the original goal the site was intended for. That’s where these posts come in. Hopefully, some of that fear will be removed and you can finally get started. At least that’s the goal. Whether for business, family or simply personal pleasure, we hope you’ll be able to say “I know how to make my own website for free” (or at least at minimal cost) very soon.

So to start with … why would we want one?

Business Websites
If you own a business, getting the word out is important. What better way than to put your name, brand or product line in front of the millions of people that search the internet every day. But if you try to have someone build a site for you, it can be quite costly, never mind that you’ll be about as involved in getting it to show what you want as well. That’s why you might want to consider … I’ll make my own website. Good plan!

Personal Websites
Ok, you don’t own a business, and you don’t really want to join facebook. But you still want a way to post photos, or to get the “annual Christmas letter” distributed without the hassle of making copies, addressing the envelopes and paying for all that postage. Yup – if you said I’ll make my own website, I’d say you’re definitely on the right track.

Educational Websites
So what if you don’t have a business, or even want to keep the family up to date with all the local happenings. If you said you wanted to make my own website just to learn how … there’s certainly a place for you in all that as well.

So Why This Site?
Well, my first website was based on an educational theme, and it had (still has actually) three purposes – 1) to learn how to use html, 2) to provide free science projects to grade school teachers and 3) to maybe, possibly, someday perhaps make a small profit from it. That was a while ago now (how things work in case you’re interested), and it certainly wasn’t free.

But now I know how, and I also know how to make my own website free, or at least inexpensively if you decide (like me) that you want to actually own the domain yourself.

Final Thoughts (Or should I say final thoughts before we get started)
Simply this … stay tuned. Make comments as desired, ask questions and let’s see what we can do. I’m not an expert html or wordpress coder, but I do know a thing or two about getting websites published and at least a little about getting them noticed. So … hopefully you’ll be able to say you also know “how to make my own website free” soon as well.

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