Make Your Own Email

When you host your own website, you are also able to make your own email address. In fact, most control panels require you to create at least one custom email address on your new domain so the web hosting company (as well as site visitors) can communicate with you. If you don’t want to check that account on a regular basis, you can certainly forward it to a personal email domain or account that you monitor frequently instead.

However, unlike some of the most popular services out there, when you make your own email address – you completely control it. Although AOL (for example) allows more flexibility with canceling, reusing and naming personal email addresses than in the not so distant past, you are still competing with a lot of other people for your own email address. Not so when you host your own. If you want it to be Steve or Bob or, you can certainly do that.

Even more important for business websites is having the capability to make you own email address for each employee. Not only can you grant or deny access to each individual in the company, most packages also allow you define a default address that will capture any stray email that comes in on the primary domain but wasn’t directed to any specific person. for example, just might prevent you from loosing a potential client.

To make your own email address, simply log in to the control panel provided by your web host. If that’s a cpanel, you’re in luck. Just select the “mail” icon (it is the first icon button on my cpanel account), select the Add/Remove/Manage Accounts, click on the Add Account hyperlink and fill in the form. You can assign any name you want, as long as it is unique and the will be assigned automatically. Enter a password and decide how memory you want to give that email account and you’re all set. 50 – 100 Meg should be adequate for most general email accounts, although you will need to increase that quota for heavy users.

Then click on the create button and it’s live. If you don’t want to have to log in to the cpanel, select the Webmail icon and navigate to your email account, you can use outlook to get the email directly. Outlook has great help files, and it’s a bit more involved than we can cover here in a single article, but we did want to mention it.

You can make your own email account, set it up on the cpanel (or what ever control panel your host provides), then simply log in to Outlook, get the mail and manage it from there. That makes it easy, but the important thing is that you have complete control of that account. Because you registered your own domain already, set up an account with a web hosting company and went live with your own site … you now have control of all the custom email as well. You can even make an email address for your friends. What could be better than that?

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